Guest portraits in the Instax vibe

Live and drawn with love!

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Yarek Pietrasina from yatelier provided a special highlight at the wedding of Dilbar and Mario. On site in Lower Franconia, Bavaria, he has portrayed over 50 guests live digitally. The wedding guests were able to watch their portrait in real time and then received a printout of their picture in the form of an Instax photo as a special souvenir.

This creative service offered several advantages: On the one hand, it provided first-class entertainment during the celebration, because it was fascinating to watch how Yarek captured the individual character traits of the guests and transformed them into art. On the other hand, the guests had a wonderful thank you in their hands, which will surely remind them of this special day for a long time.

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Dilbar and Mario

Thanks to this personal touch and the creative gift, the wedding of Dilbar and Mario will certainly remain in the best memory for a long time.

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