Art for Palestine

Silence is complicity

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Yarek Pietrasina, the creative mind behind the small one-man art studio yatelier, is passionately dedicated to supporting pro-Palestinian organizations. His goal is to volunteer to draw society’s attention to the conflict in the Middle East by creating infographics, posters and illustrations.

This also includes the printing and distribution of stickers at demonstrations in cities such as Munich and Würzburg.The digital art of yatelier has received great attention especially on the Internet, especially on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. The posters and pro-Palestinian graphics are often clicked and shared. Although these works cannot save the children in Gaza from bombs, they help to make the topic more present in society and stimulate discussion.

Order a Watermelon T-Shirt // Money will be donated!

Contact yatelier for flyers and free graphics!

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yatelier was brought to the attention of the Icelandic company Fine Foods Íslandica, which specializes in sustainable seaweed production.

Here are the latest casualties from June 30, 2024 at 16:00 in Gaza (13:00 GMT):

  • Killed persons 37.877
  • Killed children 15.000+
  • Injured persons 86.969
  • Missed persons 10.000+