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Luxury art and hand-painted welcome cards for the Hôtellerie

yatelier offers hand-painted, elegant gift cards combined with unique services for private and business customers. Give a gift to your loved ones, employees or customers.

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yatelier stands for human rights and freedom


As an artist based in Germany I would like to offer my help in creating flyers and graphics for pro-Palestinian organizations. Are you organizing an event soon or do you want to create infographics for your social media? Send me a DM via Instagram or send the form below.


We also created a unique t-shirt collection with watermelon design. 100% of proceeds are going to UNICEF charity to save children in Gaza Strip!
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"Creating something is about sharing emotions. You won't find a single painting I've done without the intention of giving something special. That's the great thing about painting, that through the colours you can share a piece of yourself with another person".
~Yarek Pietrasina

With this in mind, the young artist and Yarek Pietrasina founded his studio in the Franconian Mainschleife and aims to redefine the gift of art. His exceptional style, his fresh approach to colour, his professionalism and his sensitivity to beauty help him to achieve this.


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Johannes Unger
CEO, Riemenschneider Apotheke

Each card has its own unique story.

Yatelier enchants with unique, hand-painted greeting cards and attention to detail. Creativity and quality at the highest level, 5 stars for this inspiring art. Thank you for the good cooperation and until the next order (...)